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Our Process

Here at Sage Construction, quality is a value that we instill into everything that we do. We believe that high-quality work is the most valuable product that any business can provide. That is why we only use high-quality materials from start to finish on any project that we manage. With any project that we complete, you can rest assured that the result will exceed your expectations for years to come.


The Consultation Phase

We look at your home during this phase and discuss what your needs and expectations for the project are. This includes important questions such as:

  • What's the budget for the project?
  • What's included within the project's scope of work?
  • What type of finish materials will we be using for the project. 
  • Where is the work being done?
  • When would you like the project started?

All of this information allows us to prepare and plan for the beginning of the project.

The Proposal Phase

After the consultation, we then provide the client with a proposal, which contains:

  • The estimated price of the project.
  • Estimated timeframe of the project.
  • The breakup of price and what parts and materials are being used to reveal finish material allowances.
  • Address any changes to the original scope of work.

Once the proposal has been approved, the team will then move into planning for construction.

The Planning Phase

During the planning phase, we begin the following work:

  • Applying for permits
  • Order materials and schedule delivery dates
  • Schedule employee and subcontractor start dates

The more care that goes into planning your project, the smoother your project's final phase will be.

The Construction Phase

Finally, the hands-on work begins on the project. During construction, we:

  • Construction starts shortly following permit approval.
  • Prep and protect the home from dust and debris
  • Deliver materials to your location
  • Finalize schedule through the end of the project

Our team of professionals gets to work and makes sure the job is done right!

The Post-Project Phase

When the construction is complete, Sage Construction can do the final steps to complete the project.

The Post-Project phase includes:

  • Walkthrough with the owner to approve final punch list completion
  • Final inspections
  • Final payment

You can be sure that Sage Construction will ensure the highest quality service and hands-on care during every phase and on every step until your complete satisfaction is achieved.

Contact us today to get started!